Meta Quest 3 update to incorporate one of Vision Pro’s best features

  • The Meta Quest 3 is getting some new features with its latest update
  • Fans of the VR headset have been waiting for this feature for a long time
  • Meta is planning to make the VR headset more like the Apple Vision Pro

Published on Jun 30, 2024 at 2:36 PM (UTC+4)
by Nalin Rawat

Last updated on Jun 30, 2024 at 2:36 PM (UTC+4)
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The Meta Quest 3 is finally getting one of the best features of the Apple Vision Pro.

Both headsets are some of the most popular AR devices in the world right now and are fighting for the title of the best AR headset.

On one side, we have the affordable Meta Quest 3, and on the other hand, we have the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro.

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Quest 3 gets Vision Pro’s best feature

Meta Quest 3 has a Public Test Channel (PTC), where the company tests out new features before releasing them to the public.

And in the latest Meta Quest OS v67 PTC update, users got access to a new feature, called New Window Layout.

With this feature, users get the ability to move and resize windows to anywhere they want, just like the Apple Vision Pro.

This might seem like a small UI update, but it opens up a huge possibility for the Meta Quest 3.

Meta is planning to redesign the outdated UI interface on its Quest headsets to keep it up to date with Apple’s AR headset.

With this update, you can get up to six 2D windows on a Meta Quest headset.

Once the experimental feature is turned on, three of these windows can be positioned anywhere in your virtual space.

You can use this feature with a virtual background or through the mixed reality passthrough, that lets you see the real world.

You can also connect the headset to a mouse and a keyboard for work or creative applications.

Choosing the Meta Quest 3 over the Apple Vision Pro

If you think Apple Vision Pro is a bit expensive, then the Meta Quest 3 is a great alternative.

Mark Zuckerberg, who’s tested the Vision Pro, says Quest is better, not just because it’s cheaper.

With this update, the Meta Quest 3 is getting closer to the Apple Vision Pro.

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