Michael Jordan’s game-worn Nike Air Ships expected to fetch millions

There’s quite a heartwarming story behind this pair of game-worn sneakers too. 

by | Published on 24th Aug 2023

Michael Jordan’s Nike Air Ships are back on the auction block and expected to fetch millions. 

The Nike Airs, which were worn and signed by Jordan in his rookie year, sold for $1.5 million two years ago. 

Now they’re back up and expected to sell for even more.

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There’s quite a heartwarming story behind this pair of game-worn sneakers too. 

MJ, then just 21, got them after signing his ground-breaking endorsement contract with Nike. 

He then wore them during his fifth-ever NBA game. 

After the game, Jordan gave them to a ball boy, T.J. Lewis.

The former Denver Nuggets ball boy has since revealed how MJ gifted him the life-changing sneakers.

“I eventually made my way up to him and asked if I could have his shoes after the game,” he said. 

“He gave me a look as if he didn’t really want to say no, but told me that he couldn’t because they were too expensive. 

“Once the game was over… I saw Michael Jordan sitting at his locker and he was still in his uniform. 

“To my surprise he suddenly notices me, looks down and grabs the shoes he wore in the game that night, looks back up at me, and asks if I wanted them. 

“Of course I said yes.”

The ball boy sold them in 2021, along with his staff pass for the 1984-1985 season, netting himself $1.47 million. 

When the hammer fell, the Nike Air Ships made history for becoming the most expensive sneakers ever sold at auction. 

The $1.47 million price shattered the previous record set by a pair of Air Jordan 1s which sold for $560,000. 

The record was again broken this year by a pair of Air Jordan 13s worn by Michael Jordan at his last-ever NBA game in 1998. 

That pair sold for an eye-watering $2.2 million.

So, all eyes are now on this pair of Nike Air Ships currently up for sale via the Goldin auction house. 

The top bid currently stands at $170,000 but the auction runs until September 13, so we can expect that number to shoot up pretty dramatically. 



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