Influencer gains thousands of Instagram followers who don’t realize she’s AI 

Milla Sofia is a 19-year-old girl living in Helsinki and she has more than 100,000 followers who have no idea she's fake.

by | Published on 26th Jul 2023

This woman has more than 100,000 followers who have no idea she’s fake. 

Milla Sofia is a 19-year-old girl living in Helsinki, and she has more than 92,000 followers on TikTok, 30,000 on Instagram, and another 8,000 on Twitter (now X)

And most of them are (not so subtly) lusting after her.

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The young influencer is extremely active online, posting bikini shots from different travel hot spots right across the globe. 

She gets the reactions and engagement any social media influencer craves too. 

“You should enter the Miss World competition, I’m sure you’ll win,” one man said. 

“Wow, you look fabulous, you’re a beautiful young woman,” another said. 

“You are the perfect female,” said a third.

The ‘influencer’ fans the flames amongst her followers too, asking leading questions like “do I qualify as a Greek goddess?” and “which bikini style is your favorite?”. 

On Twitter, she even works to empower women. 

“Proudly representing women in the workforce,” she wrote alongside a photo of her wearing orange overalls and a hard hat. 

The photo prompted an outpouring of support for the hardworking girl. 

“I would hire you. No experience needed,” one man said. 

Unfortunately for these men, Milla Sofia is unobtainable, and not in the way Hollywood’s A-listers are. 

Milla Sofia is the product of AI. 

But it’s far from obvious, so we can’t blame her thousands of fans for failing to realize this. 

Scrolling through her Instagram page, it’s almost hard to believe she’s not a real person.

In fact, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking the girl just really really loves filters and Photoshop.

It’s only when you look closely at the images you start to notice they’re not quite right.

Backgrounds are askew and the AI has clearly struggled with her hands. 

As described on her website, (yep, she has a website dedicated to her), she says “being an AI-generated virtual influencer ain’t your typical educational path”. 

“But let me tell you, I’m always on the grind, learning and evolving through fancy algorithms,” she says.

Summed up pretty well by one Twitter user, “If AI is already this good, we are all doomed”. 

Ain’t that the truth.  



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