World reacts to sad footage of Twitter’s iconic bird being removed from HQ

Twitter rebranding to X means new logo, new color theme and unfortunately it also means that Larry the Twitter bird is going to have to find another job.

by | Published on 26th Jul 2023

Elon Musk isn’t wasting time.

Less than 24 hours after rebranding Twitter to X, all traces of the iconic Twitter bird have already been removed from the HQ.

It’s fair to say people aren’t exactly thrilled.

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Back when it was called Twitter, the social media app had a blue color theme and the iconic blue bird as its omnipresent logo.

Now that it’s called ‘X’, the new theme is black, and the bird… was fired from its job.

And by the way, the Twitter bird actually had a name, it was called Larry.

Poor Larry.

Musk has already sent a tweet – oops, he sent an ‘X’ – to explain what’s going on.

“Soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” Musk said.

This is part of a huge revamp designed to turn Twitter into the ‘everything app’ the tech mogul has been talking about for decades.

In Musk’s opinion, X has the potential to rival WeChat, the Chinese super-app that covers everything from food delivery to online payments and online marketplaces.

Videos of the Twitter bird being removed have surfaced and people haven’t been shy about sharing their feelings.

“The bird was kind of cute,” one user said.

“This was not necessary,” another wrote.

Unfortunately, it seems this is the end of the road for Larry the Twitter Bird and it’s going to have to find another job.

A Twitter user came up with an idea for that, actually.

“Just waiting for somebody to copy-paste the code, relaunch Twitter and act like nothing ever happened,” he suggested.



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