Elon Musk wants to rebrand Twitter and replace it with the ‘everything app’

Elon Musk is rebranding Twitter to X, an app that covers everything from retail and marketplace services with e-commerce and social messaging.

by | Published on 13th Apr 2023

A recent California court filing reveals a major development for Twitter.

According to the court filing, Twitter Inc. no longer exists as such because it is now part of X Holdings, a new business entity that Elon Musk set up to include all of his companies.

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After buying Twitter, Musk said he wanted to turn the social network into an ‘everything app’ to compete with the likes of WeChat.

For reference, WeChat is a Chinese super app that combines retail and marketplace services with e-commerce and social messaging.

The project is still in its embryonic stage but Musk seems determined to follow through on his promise.

In the meantime, the flamboyant owner of Twitter has already started leaving little clues around, starting with a bunch of cryptic messages for his 134 million followers on the social media app he owns.

A few days ago, he shared a cryptic tweet that simply read ‘X’.

Musk is evidently obsessed with the letter X.

In 1999 he founded X.com, the company that would eventually become PayPal.

The letter has since appeared in many of his companies, projects and products including SpaceX and the Tesla Model X.

It can even be found in the names of three of his ten children, including his son X.

Side note: if you think naming a human being ‘X’ is crazy, wait until you hear the whole story.

Musk actually wanted to name the kid X Æ A-12 but California law dictates that only English alphabet letters must be used, so he had settle for ‘X’.

And to think that it all started, par for the course, with a Tweet.

Over two years ago, YouTuber and longtime Tesla investor Dave Lee addressed Musk on Twitter.

“I propose Elon Musk to form a holding company called X. X becomes parent company of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and Boring Company,” Lee said.

Musk, who often responds to tweets from users, simply replied: “Good idea”.



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