Mini is sending car-sized puzzles to customers still waiting for their new cars to arrive

Published on Jul 01, 2022 at 10:57 AM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

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Mini is sending car-sized puzzles to customers still waiting for their new cars to arrive

Global parts shortages are causing massive delays for new car buyers, but Mini has come up with an idea to help customers pass the time before they get their new ride.

The brand is taking the novel approach of sending buyers a car-sized puzzle to fill the empty space in their garage until their car gets there.

Designed by ad agency Pereira O’Dell, the puzzle is called “We’re-working-hard-to-get-you-your-car, waiting-is-the-worst, in-the-meantime-happy-puzzling, Mini Puzzle”.

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Although the puzzle is clearly massive, the pieces are fortunately pretty big.

That means you should hopefully have it completed by the time your car eventually arrives – whenever that might be.


Currently, only “select new customers” in the USA will be given the car-sized puzzle to fill their empty garage with.

However, some other buyers will apparently be given a puzzle more appropriately-sized for doing on the kitchen table.

“People buy a Mini because of its cheeky and fun-to-drive spirit, so we wanted to give owners something fun to do while they wait to get behind the wheel of their new Mini,” Mini USA’s brand communications manager Rah Mahtani said.

“The ‘Not So Mini’ puzzle is one of the ways we are showing the Mini community our appreciation as owners wait for their new vehicles.”

It’s unclear what the selection process will be for which customers get a puzzle and which don’t.

However, the brand plans to feature those who do get the big puzzle on its social media channels once they’ve completed it.

While it’s not exactly the new car customers are waiting for, it’s definitely a cool placeholder.

Good job, Mini.


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