Mitsubishi unveils its Toyota Hilux killer and it’s a go-anywhere, do-anything beast

From the crazy camo paint to the off-road snorkel, we love everything about the new Mitsubishi Triton: but will the production model actually look like this?

by | Published on 23rd Mar 2023

This is the new Mitsubishi Triton XRT and we absolutely love it.

Mitsubishi used to be fun but, at some point, something went wrong and the brand became a bit… dull.

But this truck isn’t dull at all, and hopefully this is just the start of Mitsubishi’s renaissance.

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The XRT was unveiled at the Bangkok Motor Show this week as a hardcore, what-you-looking-at alternative to the Nissan Frontier and the Toyota Hilux.

In order to make it look even more gangsta, Mitsubishi relied on Ralliart, its in-house high-performance and motorsports division.

There are a few things that definitely stand out.

First, it has a snorkel, which means it’s designed to ford streams and wade rivers.

Which in turn means Mitsubishi sees this as a go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle.

Second, it has murdered-out wheels wrapped in off-road tires.

And then third, and this is obviously the most prominent feature, we need to talk about the camouflage black and silver paint.

In an ideal world, a would-be production model would sport the exact same colorway.

But unfortunately we live in the real world so this funky, eccentric color option will likely be ditched in favor of a more conservative black and/or grey finish.

Spec-wise, we expect a diesel engine as well as a gas engine, with a hybrid option on the cards as well.

More importantly, Mitsubishi is still offering a manual transmission as an optional extra so hopefully this won’t change with the new Triton.

Mitsubishi CEO Takao Kato says the company wants to launch a fully revamped Triton this year, along with an all-new compact SUV.

“The all-new Triton is going through final touch-ups in preparation for its release,” Kato said.

Hopefully the camo paint is here to stay.



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