You can ski through busy traffic on this future concept bike

This is the Mobility-R3 concept bike and it’s the future of city transport. It's got a glass canopy and can be ridden three different ways, including 'roller coaster' mode.

by | Published on 15th Mar 2023

This is the Mobility-R3 concept bike and it’s the future of city transport. 

It’s a motorbike with a glass canopy that encapsulates the driver, and it can be ridden in three different ways, including roller coaster mode. 

Designed by an incredibly talented creator called denni5 from Shanghai, the R3 is designed to be ridden in congested, high-traffic cities.

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Regular mode 

In regular mode, the wheelbase is shortened, allowing you to travel freely through busy traffic. 

Its creator says this mode is designed to feel like you’re skiing through the streets. 

Not only that, but its super short wheelbase lets you park almost anywhere. 

Roller coaster mode 

As the name suggests, roller coaster mode is for high-speed driving. 

To transition from regular mode, the R3 extends its back wheel out to form a more classic motorcycle shape. 

So, after you’ve safely navigated the built-up city streets and finally hit an open road, you can transition your R3 into roller coaster mode. 

In this mode, you can either travel as a passenger and let the R3 drive for you autonomously, or you can take control and drive it yourself. 

The glass canopy also has a built-in projection display, because of course, that allows you to see the world around you in more detail. 

Roaming mode 

In Roaming mode, you’re left with just one set of wheels. 

This set of wheels separates from the body, leaving the driver to stand upright and roam around flexibly. 

Once you remove the glass canopy from the R3 it looks similar to a segway but without the handles. 

The only issue with this is you need to leave the glass body somewhere safe, so you can’t just transition into roaming mode whenever you want to. 

There might be a few kinks to work out still, but this design definitely has a future. 



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