These are the coolest cars about to be revealed at Monterey Car Week 2022

Published on Aug 19, 2022 at 2:41 PM (UTC+4)
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These are the coolest cars about to be revealed at Monterey Car Week 2022

The world’s supercar manufacturers are flocking to California this weekend to show off their latest and greatest models at Monterey Car Week 2022.

Plenty of impressive metal is going to be on display at both the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering – from Bugatti, Koenigsegg and the like.

Whether you’ll be heading to California to see the cars with your own eyes or following the action over on Supercar Blondie’s Instagram page, keep your eyes peeled for these crazy unveilings.

Aston Martin DBR22

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Revealed online earlier this week, the Aston Martin DBR22 is a stunning tribute to classic open-cockpit racers like the DBR1.

Powered by a 705hp twin-turbo V12, it should sound as good as it looks.

Just a limited number will be made by Q by Aston Martin, the company’s bespoke division, and only select clients will actually get a chance to buy one.

Aston Martin will also be revealing another production model at Monterey Car Week 2022 alongside it.

Bentley Mulliner Batur

While Aston Martin has Q as its bespoke division, Bentley has Mulliner.

The world’s oldest coachbuilder, its latest creation will pave the way for Bentley’s future EV models.

Debuting all-new design language, it’s named after a lake in Bali, Indonesia.

It will be revealed on Saturday, August 20 at 8pm PT.


Bugatti is rumored to be revealing a roadster at The Quail event.

All the company has revealed so far is a teaser video showing a cockpit without a roof.

The video is very short and dark, and only accompanied by the text ‘UNLOCK AN ICON’.

Bugatti will be revealing the hotly-anticipated car at 10:20am PT, so set your alarms.

Cadillac Celestiq

First shown last month, the Cadillac Celestiq sets the tone for what future Caddies will look like.

Aside from the sleek looks, the real highlight of the concept is its massive 55-inch touchscreen that covers the entire dashboard.


There’s also an array of other screens for rear passengers, as well as a clever self-dimming sunroof.

The Celestiq is also set to actually enter production, although Cadillac won’t be confirming any plans until “later this year”.

DMC Alpha5

This is definitely one everyone will be clamoring to see at Monterey Car Week 2022.

The DeLorean has finally returned after 40 years with the all-new and fully-electric DMC Alpha5.

It still wears the famous gullwing doors of the original DMC-12, but now features a four-seat comfortable interior.

It’ll be making its in-person debut on the Concept Car Lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster

Everyone, meet the fastest convertible in the world.

Hennessey is poised to break its own record with the Venom F5 Roadster as its been engineered for speeds of over 483km/h (300mph).

However, its exact top speed is yet to be confirmed.

But with the Texas-based company already holding the record with the Venom GT Spyder, there’s a good chance it’s already in the bag.

Priced at $3 million, just 30 examples of the Roadster will ever be made.

Lamborghini Aventador Sterrato & Urus Evo

A lot of Lamborghini fans are expecting to see a few new cars revealed by the brand at Monterey Car Week 2022.

The first is the Huracan Sterrato – an off-road version of the brand’s V10 supercar.

It will actually be the final version of the Huracan before the model bows out.

The other expected to be revealed is an updated version of the Urus.

Although we haven’t seen it sans-camouflage, we have already seen it set a new record at Pikes Peak.

Lexus Electrified Sport

Designed to be the successor to the iconic Lexus, the Electrified Sport concept shows what an electric Lexus supercar could look like.

We’ve already managed to get an exclusive look at it ahead of its official unveiling at Pebble Beach, which you can watch above.

The production version is rumored to make up to 800hp and offer 700km (435 miles) range.


Much like with Bugatti, all Koenigsegg has given us to work with for now is a dark and shadowy teaser.

The Swedish hypercar maker will be revealing the latest member of its current lineup which includes the Jesko and Gemera.

All we can see of it for now is a silhouette.

However, we don’t have long to wait, as it will be revealed on August 19 at 9am PT.

Lucid Air Stealth Edition

As if the Lucid Air couldn’t look any more slick, it’s now getting a blacked-out treatment for the Stealth Edition Model.

In addition to new wheels, it adds a range of black trim highlights all over the car.

But even more excitingly, rumor has it that a more powerful tri-motor version of the Lucid Air will be revealed as well.

Called the Air Sapphire, the brand will unveil the tri-motor derivative of its electric sedan at The Quail.

Maserati MC20 Cielo

Although it was revealed online back in May, the drop-top MC20 is still sure to make waves in Monterey.

Finally making its in-person debut in California, the company says the Maserati MC20 Cielo “is a model devoted to driving pleasure in the great outdoors”.

After all, ‘Cielo’ translates to ‘sky’ in Italian, which is fitting for a car with infinite headroom once the roof is removed.

It’ll still be just as fast as the MC20 coupe, and will also still have its butterfly doors.

Porsche 911 Sally Special & GT3 RS

The two cars Porsche has lined up to reveal in Monterey couldn’t be more different.

The first is the Sally Special – a current-gen 911 that’s been customized to resemble Sally Carrera from the movie Cars.

The other is the bonkers new GT3 RS which leaked online earlier this week.

Everything about it is built to make it a dream to drive on the track – from the utterly massive rear wing to the big air ducts behind the wheels.

SSC Tuatara Striker

The SSC Tuatara is one of the world’s fastest cars, and has been constantly vying for the crown.

The track-only version of the insane $1.6 million hypercar is expected to make its debut in Monterey.

With up to 1750hp on ethanol fuel, we can only imagine how fast it will be.

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