Top 5 craziest, most expensive cars made just for kids

Published on Sep 15, 2023 at 11:30 AM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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Top 5 craziest, most expensive cars made just for kids

For some kids, a regular toy car just won’t cut it.

Because who wants to ride a plastic black motorbike when your parents can buy you a mini Bugatti?

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The world of vehicles especially designed for children is not limited to push bikes and pogo sticks.

A growing number of brands are now adding mini versions of popular cars to their fleets.

From an Aston Martin complete with James Bond gadgets to a whole Land Rover kids can build themselves, these are five of the coolest and most expensive toy cars out there.

5. Toylander 2

The Toylander 2 is based on the 1958 Series 2 Land Rover.

The company has been producing miniature versions of the beloved Land Rover vehicle for over 20 years.

Designed by car enthusiasts, the brand wants children to experience the joy of driving a Landy themselves.

And for parents who want to make their children work for their toys, the Toylander can be bought as a kit.

The kit contains everything you need to make the car yourself, with adult supervision of course.

This car costs about $5600, or $3000 for those willing to build it themselves.

4. Aston Martin DB5 Junior

Because what little boy hasn’t dreamed of being James Bond?

To celebrate the release of No Time To Die in 2021, Aston Martin collaborated with The Little Car Company.

The result was this 2:3 scale Aston Martin DB5, costing $125,000.

Although designed for kids, this car can reach speeds of 45mph.

And no spy car would be complete without gadgets and hidden features.

The DB5 Junior has ‘skid mode’ and can deploy a smoke screen for quick getaways.

It even has customizable license plates, for kids on the run.

3. Bugatti Baby II

In 1926 Ettore Bugatti built a car for his son’s 4th birthday.

What was intended as a one-off gift became an official Bugatti vehicle.

The Bugatti Baby II comes in novice mode, able to reach a respectable 12pmh.

It can be upgraded to expert mode, however, where baby Bugatti fans can race at around 30mph.

This driveable work of art takes artisans over 200 hours to build by hand.

Maybe that explains the price tag, which starts at $32,000.

2. Auto Fabrica Type 0.1

The two brothers behind Auto Fabrica designed this mini bike.

It was inspired by their own childhood dreams of owning a motorbike.

They modelled it on one of their adventure bike designs, resulting in a decidedly grown-up look.

With its steel body and 10″ wheels, this kids’ bike dominates off-road.

1. Ferrari 330 P2 Junior

The cream of the crop of kids cars comes from none other than Ferrari.

De La Chapelle created this junior Ferrari in the ’90s.

It quickly became the most expensive kids’ car out there, carrying a price tag of $145,455.

This beauty is powered by a 5-horsepower Honda lawn mower engine.

It boasts a hand-stitched leather interior and diamond-stitched inserts, just like the real thing.

No chocolate milk allowed in this car.

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