Most expensive penthouse in Dubai sold for $136,200,000

Not only is it the most expensive penthouse in Dubai, it is the most expensive property in the UAE.
  • This is the most expensive penthouse, and most expensive property overall, in the UAE
  • It offers 21,900 square feet of usable space
  • It’ll be completed in 2027

Published on Dec 11, 2023 at 1:26PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 11, 2023 at 7:34PM (UTC+4)

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como residences penthouse

This gorgeous penthouse just sold for a whopping nine-figure amount.

It is the one of most expensive penthouses in the world, and the most expensive in the United Arab Emirates.

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Dubbed the Como Residences Penthouse, this amazing property sold for a mind-boggling $136.2 million.

Located on Palm Jumeirah, the Como Penthouse is one of 26 penthouses available, and one of 76 units available in total from this particular building.

And not only is this is the most expensive property in the building, it is actually the most expensive property in the UAE.

However, it is not – at least in theory – the most expensive penthouse in the world.

We say ‘in theory’ because there’s one in the Principality of Monaco that costs nearly three times as much ($387 million).

However, while the penthouse in Monaco is still for sale, and struggling to find a buyer, the one in Dubai has actually sold.

The identity of the soon-to-be owner hasn’t been disclosed yet but, this being Dubai, it could be anybody from a well-known celebrity or a royal, to a hedge fund manager whose name we’ve never heard of.

One of the recurring issues with eight- or nine-figure properties is that they often can’t find buyers for one simple reason.

While there’s no shortage of wealthy multi-millionaires and billionaires who can afford these properties, these buyers generally want full control over what they’re buying.

And they’re not ready to splash cash on a property designed for others.

Even Michael Jordan is facing the same exact issue with his Chicago mansion.

And that was definitely a major issue for the developer who was once trying to sell the self-proclaimed ‘most expensive house in the world’ in California.

This is the key difference with the property you see here.

Even though it is sold now, the penthouse is expected to be ready for the tenant to move in in 2027.

This is in part due to high demand, but also because the buyer will have it customized to meet their personal requirements.

What we do know is that the most expensive penthouse in Dubai is located at the very top of the 71-story building.

It offers 21,900 square feet of usable space, including five bedrooms, and the most amazing view you can imagine.

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