These guys have found a way to power their motorbike with WATER

These guys have figured out the secret to cheap fuel by using water to power their motorbike. 

by | Published on 29th Mar 2023

This motorbike runs on water. 

Yep, these guys have figured out the secret to cheap fuel by using H2O to power their bike. 

So, how exactly does it work?

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First, the guys from @MrIndianHacker fill their tank with 20 liters of water. 

Then they take some calcium carbide and mix it with water in a pressure cooker. 

The water reacts with the calcium carbide to produce something called acetylene gas. 

It’s even more complicated than it sounds: the calcium carbide to water ratio has to be precise otherwise it can start a fire. 

You can watch the crazy process here! 

Using a syringe, they poke a hole in the air intake pipe and transfer the gas to the bike. 

This process is very dangerous, as one wrong move could permanently damage the bike. 

And now for the moment of truth. 

The rider sits on the bike and attempts to kick-start it. 

The engine doesn’t rev to life immediately, in fact, it takes a good few goes before he gets it working. 

Finally, on the 12th go, the motorbike engine whirrs to life.

But it’s still too weak to actually run. 

So, the guys add more calcium carbide to build the pressure. 

And it works.

With two guys on the bike, they kick-start it and take it for a spin. 

So, no gas, no problem.

All you need is a friend to hold the pressure cooker for you while you drive. 

Speaking of crazy inventions, check out this fully functioning propeller-powered motorcycle

It was created by a Brazilian YouTuber known as Professor Pardal and it’s one of the craziest inventions on the road. 

They completely remove the motorbike’s engine and replace it with a huge wooden propeller at the front of the bike.



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