Testing the top 3 methods to defrost your windshield

From hot water, to exhaust fumes and even flames, these guys are testing the best methods to defrost your windshield.

by | Published on 23rd Mar 2023

These guys are testing a bunch of different methods to defrost a windshield in the quickest and most effective way. 

From hot water, to exhaust fumes and even flames, the guys over at Carhax try everything at their disposal. 

And with each test, their methods get crazier and crazier.

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Level 1 – defrost your windshield with hot water 

The experiment starts off pretty tame, with the guys pouring hot water over the frozen windshield. 

The tried and true method works, and so they change things up a bit. 

They pour hot water into a bag and run the bag over the windshield very slowly. 

This proves to be even more effective.

Level 2 – exhaust fumes 

This is when things start to get a bit more experimental. 

The guys at Carhax connect a hose up to their exhaust pipe and direct the fumes onto the frozen windshield. 

Things get off to a pretty slow start, so they give it some gas. 

Eventually, the heat from the exhaust starts to work, slowly eating away at the frost. 

It works, albeit slowly. 

In all honestly, it’s much better at making smoke than defrosting the windshield, so we would probably skip this one.

Level 3 – flame throwers 

First, they attach a gas torch to a solenoid, then mount it under the hood. 

Then they wire up an on/off switch and drill holes for the flames. 

The guys then replace the wiper fluid with flammable liquid.

With everything set in place, they get ready to flip the switch and watch the chaos unfold. 

The result is unsurprisingly wild, with flames shooting up and flying across the windshield. 

They fire the flames off a couple of times and the frost starts to melt away. 

So, not only does this method work, but it looks epic too. 



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