Watch this motorist drive straight into a sinkhole 

Footage shows the driver appearing to ignore all the warning signs before driving directly into the gaping hole in the road. Now, the video's going viral.

by | Published on 10th May 2023

A motorist has been captured on CCTV driving straight into a sinkhole. 

The video, which was posted to TikTok by Kirk Miller, shows the driver appearing to ignore all the warning signs before driving directly into the gaping hole in the road. 

The footage is especially crazy because not only does it show the motorist’s error in judgment, but it also shows the sinkhole as it forms.

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At the beginning of the video, all we can see is a minor dent in the bitumen. 

It’s minor enough that a number of cars drive straight over it without major issues. 

In fact, it looks as if the cars are almost going over a small speed bump. 

It’s when the third car comes along that the situation starts to go down hill.

The impact of the first two cars was great enough that the dent in the road widened, creating quite a significant gap. 

When the driver of the third vehicle reaches the hole, they realize their car isn’t quite equipped to make it over the top.

So, they pull up and wait for oncoming traffic to pass so they can cross to the other side of the road and avoid the hole altogether (above). 

Smart move, yes. 

But their smart thinking didn’t appear to rub off on the motorist behind them.

Although the motorist watches the car in front cross the center white line to avoid the hole, he thinks he’s got a better idea. 

The footage shows him driving straight ahead and into the sinkhole in the ground. 

As a result, the front of his vehicle catches in the hole and brings his car to a complete stop. 

You can watch the footage here:

Whether he just wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see it, or thought he could drive over it easily we just don’t know. 

Either way, his ego’s definitely taken a hit. 



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