Motorola shows off bizarre smartphone concept that wraps around your wrist

It's a throwback to the slap bracelet.

  • Motorola has revealed a new concept smartphone
  • It wraps around your wrist like a snap bracelet
  • Its bendy screen was revealed at the Lenovo Tech World event this week

Published on Feb 28, 2024 at 7:50PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Feb 29, 2024 at 1:16PM (UTC+4)

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Hands-free has a a whole new meaning as Motorola has revealed a new concept smartphone that wraps around your wrist.

The nostalgic design, revealed at Lenovo Tech World event this week, is reminiscent of the nineties slap bracelets.

The “adaptive display concept” bend and shapes in various ways and directions, meaning it can be worn around the wrist.

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As well as wrapping around a wrist it can also bend in a different way to stand vertically on a table.

When bent, the way the information is displayed on-screen changes.

For example, to allow the user to still see all the necessary info, the apps appear at the top of the screen.

Motorola described this as the phone’s ability to be “contextually aware” to how it’s being bent.

Motorola described the flex technology as working in a similar way to the human spine.

When flat, the phone’s 6.9-inch screen “runs a full Android experience,” per the press release.

Folded into a self-standing upright position, the phone runs “a more compact form of full Android” on a 4.6-inch display.

The tech company, owned by Chinese giant Lenovo, is perhaps known for its Razr smartphones.

While only in the concept stage, this wrist-worn smartphone may never actually make it to production.

However, Motorola used the opportunity to highlight their advancements in display technology.

It’s certainly one way they stand out in a crowded smartphone market.

The company, which is showed off a bendable smartphone during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, after teasing it in a video last year.

It is just a concept product so it may never be released. But Motorola is keen to show the progress of display technology to stand out in the crowded smartphone market.

One demonstration saw a Motorola representative taking a photo of a dress with the phone.

The phone then generated a background to complemented the garment – allowing it to be worn as a matching accessory.

It’s not the first bendy phone from Motorola.

Lenovo, which owns Motorola, had another concept for a phone you could wrap around your wrist at its Tech World event in 2016.

Chinese startup, Moxi Group, said it was working on a phone that could fully loop around your wrist like a bracelet that same year.

Neither ultimately made it to market.

However, flip phones are making with the Motorola razr+, Google Pixel Fold, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 being launched in recent yeats.

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