‘Sounds like a laxative’: 14 hilarious Fast X fan reactions

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The family is back, living their lives a quarter of a mile at a time.

Fast and Furious megastar Vin Diesel, who plays Dominic Toretto, has announced the title of the 10th movie installment in the multibillion-dollar franchise, confirming it’ll be named Fast X.

Production is already underway and fans have had a field day guessing what the plot will be – and the memes are *chef’s kiss*.

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to the Fast X news.

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Is Professor X joining the Fast and Furious universe?

Drawing conclusions from the inclusion of the X in the title, people have joked it might be a Marvel crossover.

“This is how they introduce the X-Men into the MCU,” one user said on the subreddit /r/movies.

Some also agreed about mutants entering the FFCU (Fast and Furious Cinematic Universe, obvi).

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Keeping on the theme of the Marvel universe, one fan quipped: “Dom is now a demi-god. With his now-godlike powers, being the son of Zeus. He has to go to Mount Olympus and open Pandora’s box to revive Paul Walker.”

But a Redditor saw another franchise opportunity:

XXX-Fast X crossover?

Fast fans were also rooting to see Xander Cage of XXX fame, also portrayed by Diesel, appear.

One person suggested the car movie series hit 30 installments to get this to happen:

And another poking fun at how long-running the franchise has been.

And just throwing in a couple of more for the LOLs:

Someone noticed the similarities between the new movie name and a certain gas treatment.

This social media user’s proposal is an elaborate tall order:

And to be fair, this did spring to my mind for a brief moment (it’s definitely the X thing):

We’d love for Elon Musk to make a cameo…

And for some quality word-play:

The Fast and Furious timeline


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