Design company creates multi-decker caravans that are taller than a condo

Berlin-based firm Ulises Design reinvents RVs and turns them into multi-decker caravans with living rooms, dining rooms, office space, balconies and bathrooms.

by | Published on 8th May 2023

Ulises Design, a Berlin-based company, came up with a few interesting concepts to reinvent RVs and turn them into multi-decker caravans.

The idea is to turn camper vans into multi-story vehicles that are taller than a condo to include different rooms and spaces, and the result is outstanding.

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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ulises created nine unique designs, and they all look pretty rad.

The smallest vehicle (pictured above) basically consists of two caravan trailers on top of a van.

Meanwhile, the largest concepts have a total of five, six or even seven stories (!), including the ‘first floor’, which is vehicle you can actually get in and drive.

Even though each concept is unique, they all share the same retro-futuristic design language.

The idea is to use each ‘floor’ of the concept for a different purpose.

That way you can have a section of the vehicle dedicated to living rooms and dining rooms, other sections dedicated to kitchens or bathrooms, and so on.

These nine concepts are part of a series called Kinetic Kingdom, and Ulises says the whole idea focuses on community-based living.

Ricardo Orts, founder of Ulises Design, believes such concepts can “foster a sense of community and connection with the world around us.”

“By embracing a more nomadic lifestyle, we can explore new ways of living that are both exciting and sustainable,” Orts said.

Obviously, none of these vehicles would work in the real world because they’re just too tall.

It would be impractical and potentially unsafe to drive them around town or down the highway.

Having said that, a real-life version based on those concepts with just two stories might work, if done properly.

Food for thought.



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