Japan is building a massive floating city in the ocean

Called Dogen City, the floating metropolis will be a ‘no-illness’ neighborhood.

by | Published on 13th Jun 2023

A Japanese start-up has revealed plans for a floating city in the middle of the ocean. 

Called Dogen City, the floating metropolis would be a ‘no-illness’ neighborhood.

The Japanese start-up, N-Ark, plans to make the community big enough for 10,000 residents and 30,000 daily visitors. 

And it will be designed in the shape of a ring to protect it from tsunamis. 

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Dogen City is being dubbed the ‘no-illness’ city for a reason. 

People who call the city home will be given the opportunity to optimize their health with access to daily genome analysis and blood testing. 

Not only that, but the Japanese start-up says residents will have access to ‘futuristic robotic surgery’.

“The concept is medicine, food, and housing,” the company said. 

It will also have everything from schools, hospitals, stadiums, parks and of course its R&D labs. 

The company plans to use the city as a ‘farm development business’ in order to be totally self-sustainable. 

They plan to produce 7,000 tons of food each year and also generate more than 22,000,000 kW of power. 

In order to achieve this, the island will have both solar panels and wind turbines 

Why has N-Ark designed all of this off-shore? 

Well, the company wants to create a city that’s totally ‘climate change-proof’. 

So, as sea levels rise, the city will rise with them.

Underneath Dogen City, there will be an undersea energy consumption center and at the top, the city will apparently be dedicated to launching rockets

Spanning about 4km in circumference, it’s not going to be small either. 

It’s a huge project, and one that sounds incredibly forward-thinking, but unfortunately it’s still all in the design phase. 

In fact, N-Ark hasn’t even revealed a planned start date, so we won’t hold our breath. 



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