Saudi Arabia is building a $1.6 billion ultra-luxury yacht club to rival Monaco

Published on Jun 01, 2022 at 2:46 PM (UTC+4)
by Louise Cheer

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Saudi Arabia is building a $1.6 billion ultra-luxury yacht club to rival Monaco

A $1.6 billion ultra-luxury yacht club set to rival Monaco is being built in Saudi Arabia.

It will be constructed along the country’s north-western coast and it will hug the Red Sea coastline’s unique rock formations.

The sprawling Triple Bay Yacht Club will cover 7,900 sqm (85,034 sqft) over four levels.

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It will feature a 10-hectare basin with a 120-berth marina for yachts of up to 130 meters (427 feet) long.

That’s enough to handle anything but the very largest vessels in the world (the 180-meter-long Azzam is currently the biggest superyacht in the world).

And if you cruise around in anything bigger than 130 meters, chances are you have also got a pretty flash tender (or regular sized yacht) to ferry you to shore.

But if you are the lucky new owner of the $600 million Zion superyacht (below), you’ll be pleased to know its 110-meter length can fit snugly into the Triple Bay Yacht Club.

The club is hoping not only to play host to yachting events, regattas and launches, but to house residents as well.

Yacht club memberships can be ultra-exclusive status symbols for the mega-rich.

For example, the Yacht Club de Monaco is so exclusive you need to write an application to the board, and have two existing members introduce you.

Also, the club president is his Royal Highness, Prince Sovereign Albert II.


Cool features of the Triple Bay Yacht Club:

  • Terrace restaurant
  • Infinity pool deck
  • Rooftop cabana lounge
  • 80m quai d’honneur
  • Full-service marina with 120 berths
  • Unique porte cochere for discreet arrival

Taking inspiration from a traditional Arabian house, it will have “a simple smooth white exterior that is cut back to reveal luxurious metal externally”.

Natural and locally sourced materials – including stone, timber and leather – will be used.

As guests arrive, either by land or sea, they’ll be met with an arch that forms a shaded plaza and looks over the Red Sea.

A mirrored, vaulted ceiling and star-lit floor will make it look like a night sky.

Inside will have a brass champagne color scheme with lounges and a restaurant, set out in an infinity-like loop shape.

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The club is part of the AMAALA development and is designed by architecture firm HKS.

AMAALA CEO John Pagano hopes Triple Bay will be “a globally iconic meeting place for luxury yachting enthusiasts from all over the world”.

“We were clear from the outset that we wanted to create a building of its place, with the design drawing inspiration from local landscapes and culture, alongside the nature of the marine lifestyle,” Dan Flower, HKS Design Director and Lead Architect for AMAALA Yacht Club, added.

More than 250 contracts have been awarded to date, costing over 5 billion riyals (US$1.3 billion), and another 1.2 billion riyals (US$320 million) will be handed out next quarter, AMAALA says.

Visitors can start checking out the club in 2024.


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