There’s a new $250,000 Bugatti-themed Jacob watch and it’s a lot more subtle than you’d think

Production is limited to 57 units for each design, 114 in total.

by | Published on 11th Apr 2022

There’s a new Bugatti watch made by Jacob, it’s called ‘Jean’ and it is a lot more discreet than we expected

Jacob & Co. made headlines last year when they launched a Bugatti-themed timepiece with a miniaturised W16 engine inside.

Everyone was talking about it because it was technically complex to build and just crazy to look at.

But the new US$250,000 Jean is something completely different.

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This is something you don’t normally expect from Jacob, because this is a watch brand that doesn’t usually go subtle.

In fact, Jacob routinely tries to push the boundaries of convention with mad timepieces adorned with diamonds, miniaturised sculptures and precious metals.

It was founded by Jacob Arabo, an Uzbek-American entrepreneur and seasoned jeweler who always tried to make his wristwatches stand out, usually with an in-your-face visual impact.

But this one’s different.

The Jean Bugatti timepiece is named after the eldest son of Ettore Bugatti, the company’s founder, and it is available with a rose gold case and cream-white dial as well as a white gold case with a blue dial.

Both are beautiful, but the blue dial one is somehow a little bit … Bugatti-esque.

Production is limited to 57 units for each design, 114 in total.

It’s powered by a complex movement manufactured by Jacob and is made of 470 individual components.

That’s a lot for a watch of this size. 

It also has a chronograph function, cleverly disguised in the dial that’s clearly designed to look like a tachometer, but other than that, it looks like a regular watch.

Apart from the case back, which is beautifully done, the Jacob’s way.

And the price? Well, it could be yours for ‘just’ $250,000.




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