Fortnite tips n tricks! Everything you need to know about the new season and how to stay in the game for longer

Published on Jun 03, 2022 at 5:02 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

Last updated on Jun 03, 2022 at 5:02 PM (UTC+4)
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Fortnite tips n tricks! Everything you need to know about the new season and how to stay in the game for longer

The new season of Fortnite is almost here. 

That means the season-ending event, rumored to be called Collision, is about to happen and Chapter 3, Season 3 is right around the corner, bringing new loot, new characters and an all-new map. 

So, here’s everything you need to know about the new season, as well as some tips and tricks to keep you in the game for longer. 

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1. When does the Fortnite new season come out? 

The Season 2 final event is happening Saturday, June 4, so we can expect Season 3 to kick off about June 5. 

While no one knows for sure, Season 3 is rumored to have some of the most requested characters ever; Darth Vader and Indiana Jones. 

2. How to flip a car in Fortnite

With cars now being a major part of Fortnite gameplay, this is now one of the most googled questions. 

It sounds simple but when your car’s on its head and you’re getting shot at from all directions, it’s not so straightforward. 

So here’s how to flip your car right-side up. 

Walk up to it and press the square button (or X if you’re playing on a PC). 


Or if you’re googling this because you want to do sick car jumps, then you’re going to need a ramp. You can either find one or build it yourself. 

Get up some speed, drive off the edge and get creative. And ta-da, you’ve mastered the flip trick.

Bonus points if you use a car with boost!

This is our in-house gamer Domi showing us how it’s done…

3. How to open a vault 

At the moment, it’s the Command Cavern vault and you’ve got to kill the boss, Gunnar, to get the key card before you can open the vault. 

And if you take one look at Gunnar, you’ll know he’s a pretty tough-looking dude. 

He’s a gym junkie and a space marine with peroxide blond hair. 

He’s a tough one, but if you can beat him, that vault’s all yours. Good luck!

Watch Domi absolutely nail it…

4. Where are the mythic weapons in Fortnite and how can I get them? 

Our man Gunnar has one. He has the mythic stinger rifle – the best SMG in the game – in the Command Cavern. 

Huntmaster Saber also has one. He has the mythic thermal rifle at Command Cavern Airship. 

And Slone, who’s nearby at the Fortress, has the mythic striker burst rifle. 

But if you’re going to take her on, be careful because she splits into three when she’s attacked!

5. Where to find the best vehicles in Fortnite

The most OP vehicles in Fortnite at the moment are the battle buses and the tanks. 

There are six battle buses you can pick up. 

There’s one at Synapse Station, the Sanctuary, the Daily Bugle, Coney Crossroads, Condo Canyon and one at Rocky Reels. 

Meanwhile, tanks are scattered around the bases including the Command Cavern, the Fortress, Tilted Towers, Rocky Reels, Condo Canyon, the Daily Bugle and Coney Crossroads. 

And the best part, you don’t even need to kill anyone to get one, you can just hop in. 

But you’ve got to be quick because you won’t be the only player hunting for one. 

6. How to build a Sky Base in Fortnite and why 

This is sneaky play, but definitely works if you do it well. 

Essentially you just build up and up into the sky as the storm comes in so no one knows you’re up there. 

If you manage to go undetected and save up enough heals, you might be able to win the game without even firing a shot. 

But be warned, if you’re discovered, it’s a long drop to a likely elimination. 

This is an OG move, but pulling it off didn’t quite go to plan. We were shot down mid-build… devo.

7. What is a trap base and how do I build one? 

A trap base serves two purposes; eliminating players, and having fun. 

You lure people to your base with supplies – health or guns – and rig it with explosives and gas canisters. 

Then, you can just watch on from the bushes as the chaos erupts. And be sure to clip it so you can share it on your socials.

Our attempt was perfect (in practice) but when we got into the match, well that’s a different story…

8. What’s the fastest car? 

The Whiplash holds this title. It resembles a Lamborghini Countach and also comes with a boost. 

Definitely one to get your hands on! 

9. Fortnite new season: How can I get free skins? 

It’s pretty rare, but skins sometimes come up for free, usually during holiday events or if you compete in a tournament like the Chloe Kim cup or Naomi Osaka cup. 

Otherwise, if you get the battle pass you can unlock multiple skins by leveling up or completing challenges. 

Or become part of the Fortnite crew and you’ll be given unique skins and gear every month. 

So, with the new season just around the corner, prepare for another epic end-of-season event and come ready for whatever the Fortnite new season brings. 

So let’s all just run in and have some fun. 

Leeeeeroyyyy Jenkinsss! 



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