Would you rock these new Jordans that have a tiny bumbag?

New Jordans are fitted with a small bumbag and it’s cutest thing ever, and they're less expensive than you think

by | Published on 5th May 2022

These are the latest Jordans, dubbed AJ1 High OG Sp utility, and as you can see, they’re equipped with a tiny backpack/bumbag attached to the shoe.

According to Jordan, this is supposed to give the shoe a “utilitarian” quality but in truth, they simply look super cool. And kinda cute.

The utility looks is a big deal right now, with utility vests becoming a major fashion trend.

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The orange accent and white midsoles counterbalance the dark gray theme with matching laces, along with black Nike Swoosh and ‘Air Jordan’ logo’.

Even the little ‘backpack’ is dark gray.

Some people will probably remove the little bags before wearing the sneakers and some won’t. We think you should definitely keep it attached if you are rocking these kicks.

Like most hyped sneaker releases, some collectors are probably just going to buy them and stock them, which is what most people do with Jordan sneakers, anyway.

We’re all familiar with Air Jordan, the sub-division launched by Nike as a tribute to Michael Jordan, and we know how expensive their sneakers can be.

Afterall, MJ is worth $1.7 billion largely thanks to his sneaker brand.

However, this new model is surprisingly affordable at retail, coming in with a price tag of $175. Picking them up for retail is never easy though.

The AJ1 High OG Sp utility releases this week (with different dates depending on what country you are in).




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