New Tesla Cybertruck spotted – and its tiny windscreen wipers are raising eyebrows

Published on Jun 08, 2022 at 12:47 PM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

Last updated on Jul 21, 2022 at 5:14 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Kate Bain

New Tesla Cybertruck spotted – and its tiny windscreen wipers are raising eyebrows

Tesla has wheeled out its latest Cybertruck prototype, and it’s getting a bit of a roasting online for its little windshield wiper.

The Cybertruck prototype was at the opening of a Pacific Gas and Electric energy storage facility Tesla supplied batteries for.

The last Cybertruck prototype we saw had a super-sized wiper that went up to the very top of the roof.

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It got the meme treatment on social media and Tesla went back to the drawing board.

Now the company has gone to the other extreme and made the sole windscreen wiper fun-sized instead.

It almost looks to be smaller than the wiper arm you’d see on a hatchback, with it only covering a third of the windshield.

Given the size of the windscreen of the Tesla Cybertruck, it’s hard to imagine this wiper would be too helpful.

“I never imagined a half wiper,” one punter said.

“If it is, and not just broken, it will be a weird thing to see in operation. Would it swing open on the up or down swing… does it instead slide up/down?”

Another person wrote: “Are people being sarcastic that they like the short wiper or don’t they care about if the passenger can see out in the rain, or anyone over 5ft that’s driving?”

“Who needs wipers on Mars? It doesn’t rain up there!” someone else joked.


The wiper size has been on the mind of Tesla boss Elon Musk.

After the photos of the old giant wiper went viral, the world’s richest person took to Twitter to address the issue.

“The wiper is what troubles me most. No easy solution. Deployable wiper that stows in the front trunk would be ideal, but complex,” Musk said.

Maybe Musk will find a way to ditch the wiper altogether and use lasers to get water off the windshield – who knows?

Or is there a way to use the Tesla flamethrower?

The wiper was not the only thing that caught the eye of the ultra-critical internet.

Some commenters have been quick to point out that the bare metal bodywork of this prototype has ripples in it, as you can see below.

The interior has also been snapped, with the Tesla Cybertruck featuring the infamous steering ‘yoke’ in place of a typical round wheel.

It also features a big central screen like in the Model 3.

Earlier this year at the Tesla Cyber Rodeo, Musk said the hotly anticipated Cybertruck would go into production soon, adding: “It will be epic.”

Musk said it would be coming “next year”.

“It will be in production with Roadster and with Semi… so that’s all coming,” he said.



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