Nissan 300ZX is recovered after decades under water, and, well, the inevitable happens

  • Nissan 300ZX was recently recovered after spending decades underwater
  • The car is speculated to have been involved with some insurance fraud
  • It was painted blue before it met its unfortunate fate

Published on Jul 03, 2024 at 2:10 PM (UTC+4)
by Daksh Chaudhary

Last updated on Jul 03, 2024 at 6:38 PM (UTC+4)
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A classic of its time, Nissan 300ZX was recently recovered after spending decades underwater.

This car was a masterpiece of automotive excellence in the 1980s, but it has sadly become a victim of time and nature.

With a lot of effort, the car finally pulled out of the water, but the condition was so bad that it couldn’t be restored at any cost.

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Nissan 300ZX is recovered after decades under water

Wrecked and Recovered discovered the car and decided to take it out of the water for good.

They covered the whole story on their official YouTube channel.

However, as soon as the car is taken out from its long resting place in the water, something inevitable happened.

The entire driver’s side front fender and crash support disintegrated during the process.

The subframe, once a sturdy part of the vehicle, also showed signs of severe deterioration, causing the front wheel assembly to dangle precariously.

Opening the car doors revealed more heartbreak as the handles simply fell off.

Well, what else do you expect from a car that has been eaten away by the rust all these years, leaving it all fragile and brittle?

With so much time underwater, even this Chinese EV that can go swimming and submerge fully under the water would have rusted away.

The car might be involved with the insurance fraud

While there’s no confirmation, Wrecked and Recovered team speculated the car to be involved with some kind of insurance fraud.

As the car is taken out, it’s hard to see anything else besides its rusted body.

The duo revealed that this Nissan 300ZX was originally red but was painted blue before it met its unfortunate fate.

Who knows if the blue paint was done to make the car look better or to hide its real identity?

We’ll probably never know.

Even the most luxurious cars that were once head-turners can meet with an unfortunate end, just like this Nissan 300ZX or the Aston Martin Rapide found in a Mumbai garage.

Nothing lasts forever, and even the best cars rust.

We could all learn something from that.

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