Excellent condition Aston Martin Rapide has been abandoned in Mumbai basement for years

Weirdly, the doors were unlocked and one window was rolled down
  • An abandoned Aston Martin Rapide was discovered in a garage in Mumbai
  • The car is in good condition, except for the fact it’s covered in dust
  • The doors were unlocked, and one of the windows was rolled down

Published on Apr 4, 2024 at 11:23AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 4, 2024 at 6:04PM (UTC+4)

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Abandoned Aston Martin

Very few things make car people excited and sad at the same time, and finding abandoned supercars is certainly one of those things.

For whatever reason, this happens quite regularly.

This time, we need to talk about an Aston Martin Rapide that’s been discovered gathering dust in a garage in Mumbai.

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Pictures of the abandoned Aston Martin surfaced a few days ago, taken by abwmotography and reshared by Automobiliardent on Instagram.

The car is in good condition, except of course for the fact that it is covered in dust.

Finished in black, with silver wheels, the Aston was found with the doors unlocked and a window rolled down, which is a bit random and odd.

No-one actually knows what the story behind this Aston might be, but – then again – that’s often the case with abandoned supercars.

Somebody presumably parked the car one day and could never get back to it, for one reason or another.

Still, at least the location is not unusual, something that can’t be said about this one time someone discovered an abandoned Lambo in a forest.

When talking about these cars, people sometimes say the owner ‘forgot about’ the car.

But that’s obviously a figure of speech, as we’re going to go ahead and assume one doesn’t simply ‘forget’ about a car worth six or seven figures.

More often than that it’s just a weird, unpredictable string of circumstances.

That’s what happened with the Tesla Roadsters found in a shipping container in China.

The buyer was a would-be Tesla rival company that had bought the cars to do some reverse engineering, but ironically went bust while waiting for the cars to be shipped to China.

Sometimes, by contrast, the reason is never revealed.

That’s the case with over 20 rare supercars, most are Porsches and Ferraris, found in a warehouse in Brussels.

The only clear thing is that seeing these cars rotting away is always a bit sad.

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