Nissan unveils four exciting new concept cars at Beijing Auto Show

The future of Nissan seems bright
  • Nissan unveiled four exciting new concept cars at Beijing Auto Show
  • Among the highlights were two electric vehicles and two plug-in hybrids
  • These concepts aim to meet the diverse needs of Chinese customers

Published on Apr 26, 2024 at 7:00PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 7, 2024 at 6:29PM (UTC+4)

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Nissan four new concept cars

Beijing Auto Show is here, and Nissan made its grand entry by unveiling four exciting new concept cars.

But what are these cars all about? Well, innovation and electrification.

Automotive fans from around the world gathered in Beijing to witness the latest advancements in the industry.

Nissan just upped things a notch with this futuristic lineup.

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Recently, Rolls Royce introduced its new line-up of ‘Spirit of Expression’ series at the show. And other brands are ready with their new concepts as well.

So how could you possibly expect Nissan to be left in the dust?

Among the highlights were two electric vehicles (EVs) and two plug-in hybrids, developed in collaboration with Dong Feng, a local partner.

These concepts aim to meet the diverse needs of various different types of customers.

One of the cars was the Nissan Epoch Concept.

This car caught the eye of the attendees with its sleek design and intelligent features.

This electric sedan is great for city folks who want comfort and convenience, with its smart AI system.

For adventurous city couples, the Nissan Epic Concept is the ultimate choice

This electric SUV can drive itself and power up your adventures, making your weekend trips even more fun.

Urbanites will love the Nissan Era Concept, a plug-in hybrid SUV designed for young professionals on the go.

With its interconnected entertainment system and luxurious interior, it offers both style and functionality for city living.

Got a family and looking for a blend of performance and practicality?

You’ll be drawn to the Nissan Evo Concept.

This plug-in hybrid sedan is ideal for weekend trips and everyday adventures, featuring advanced safety features and a user-friendly virtual assistant.

It seems like Nissan just about catered for everyone.

While Genesis seems to step into the speed game with its new G80 EV Magma concept, Nissan is committed to diversifying its user base with concept EVs for every need.

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