Novitec makes the beastly Ferrari 296 GTB even faster

German tuner Novitec has reworked the exhaust system of the Ferrari 296 GTB, giving it more power and making it sound a million dollars.

by | Published on 25th Mar 2023

Let’s face it, the Ferrari 296 GTB is already a potent performer.

With 818 horses under its hood, it’s hard to think anyone could need or want any more power.

Not Novitec, though.

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The German tuning company felt it could do a little extra and the result – well, it’s pretty impressive.

The Ferrari 296 GTB’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo V8 already produces 654 hp combined with a single electric motor producing 164 hp.

So, that’s 818 combined horsepower from the hybrid powertrain.

From the piping to the catalytic converters, Novitec has reworked the exhaust system.

That’s not all, because the tuner has also installed new turbo inlets helping the V6 breathe better.

All-in-all, that raises the Ferrari 296 GTB’s power output to 856 hp.

What’s more, it’s added sports springs with a 1.3-inch drop to help manage the power.

Now, the vast majority of tuners get caught up transforming the visual appeal of such supercars.

Whilst Novitec has plans to introduce a special body kit likely comprising bare carbon fiber add-ons, it’s left the Ferrari 296 GTB almost completely stock.

The only real visual change it’s made to the supercar is adding a custom set of Vossen multi-spoke wheels.

According to Novitec, these were developed in conjunction with the famous wheel manufacturer to perfectly fill the supercar’s wheel arches.

Measuring 21 inches at the front and 22 at the back, that’s exactly what they do.

Novitec purposely left the supercar’s exterior as it was.

Its low chin spoiler, massive side intakes, and beefy rear diffuser already serve the powerful supercar well.

While Novitec hasn’t revealed how much it costs, expect to pay more than the $340,000 price tag on the standard Ferrari 296 GTB.



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