Old Toyota Land Cruiser can still run Apple CarPlay on its factory touchscreen

  • The 2002 Toyota Landcruiser is from the days before iPhones
  • Apple Carplay can still be added to its factory touchscreen
  • It makes for a nice change from dashboard phone mounts

Published on Jun 14, 2024 at 8:36 PM (UTC+4)
by Ben Thompson

Last updated on Jun 16, 2024 at 11:14 PM (UTC+4)
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A 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser may have been launched in the days before iPhones and iPads, but that doesn’t rule out Apple entirely.

Although many car lovers would enjoy this formidable vehicle from the days of N’Sync and Punk’d, modern comforts may be missed.

Namely, being able to use Google Maps or Spotify for your convenience.

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Old Toyota Land Cruiser can still run Apple CarPlay on its factory touchscreen
Wikimedia Commons

Apple CarPlay works in the vintage Toyota

One might think it’d be difficult getting smartphone apps to work on this car that is, wildly, considered vintage.

But it’s actually quite simple – and provides for a nice contrast having a modern-day app surrounded by the original dashboard.

It makes a nice change from fiddling around with dashboard phone mounts just to have a view of Google Maps.

On the other end of tech, iOS 18 is adding new features to Apple CarPlay.

Apple WWDC event revealed a lot of new features coming to CarPlay.

The next-generation update will make it a lot more customizable.

It will also add new accessibility features.


Other weird modifications

Given that one man turned his bed into a car, this is hardly the most radical renovation ever done, but it’s still pretty neat.

An inventor from China created a ‘bed car’ to fulfill his childhood dream of spending longer in bed.

The unusual-looking creation is controlled by a joystick.

Although it looks a little strange, its inventor believes it could have a practical purpose, like maritime rescues or flood-fighting missions.

Old Toyota Land Cruiser can still run Apple CarPlay on its factory touchscreen

This Tesla Model X owner, meanwhile, decided against minimalism and to ignore Elon Musk’s approach of reducing visual clutter in the car’s interior.

Owners have a love/hate relationship with the minimalist layout of the Tesla Model X.

One car enthusiast wanted to mod his car to bring back one traditional element.

In an apparent push back against the central touchscreen to access most vehicle functions, he retrofitted some physical buttons beneath.

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