Omega Planet Ocean ‘Ultra Deep’ can dive 20,000ft (6km!) underwater, where it’s just giant squids and inky blackness

You wouldn't last long at those depths

Published on Apr 18, 2022 at 11:13AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 18, 2022 at 11:18AM (UTC+4)

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Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep inset with image of a giant bigfin squid
(Bigfin squid image: Courtesy Alan Jamieson/Caladan Oceanic)

The new Omega Planet Ocean is the perfect watch for those who might need to track down giant squid at the deepest depths of the ocean.

Well, you wouldn’t last too long if you were outside a submarine at a depth of 20,000ft, where the bigfin squid was last spotted in the Philippine Trench by some brave scientists.

But the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep would be just fine.

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The Omega Planet Ocean dive watch

As part of the brand’s new Novelties 2022 collection, Omega launched a huge selection of new timepieces.

The most impressive is the brand new Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep which is capable of submerging itself up to 6,000m/20,000ft underwater for some strange but badass reason.

Omega has an ongoing rivalry with Rolex which seems to feel as though the Swiss watchmakers are constantly trying to one-up each other.

In order to keep up with Rolex, Omega ups its game with each new watch.

This is where the Omega Planet Ocean fits in with its massive 20,000ft/6000m.

The Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller is rated at 12800ft/3900m.

The Planet Ocean case diameter measures an impressive 45.5mm which is needed to make it visible underwater.

Other additions include a domed sapphire crystal, a gradient dial that transitions from blue to black and the addition of 18K white gold hands and hour markers – which are all coated with white Super-LumiNova so it glows brightly in the dark.

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Handy if you are in the pitch black of a deep-water trench.

The case itself is made from grade 5 titanium to ensure the watch is light, corrosion-resistant, biochemically inert and able to withstand extreme temperatures.

As for the movement, the new Planet Ocean is powered by an in-house calibre 8912 movement that offers 60 hours of power reserve.

If you want the bracelet version, then you’ll need to fork out US$13,500.

Alternatively, the watch can be bought on a rubber strap ($13,100) or NATO strap ($14,369).


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