Once thriving US town is now a ghost town with a single resident

  • Capa is a small town in South Dakota, US
  • It is now a ghost town but was once thriving and had a population of around 300
  • Only one person now lives there, all alone

Published on Mar 27, 2024 at 3:54 PM (UTC+4)
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Capa, a town in South Dakota, USA, was once a thriving place with a small population, but it has now become a ghost town.

All of the residents – except one – abandoned the small town after The Great Depression.

Philip O’Connor lives in his ancestral home where his grandparents and later his parents resided.

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But why did Capa become a ghost town?

Ghost towns aren’t as uncommon as you might think — an entire $100 billion city in Malaysia recently turned into a ghost town, too.

The town’s origin dates back to 1904 when it was initially laid out.

The name ‘Capa’ comes from the Native American Lakota people’s word for beaver, in case you were wondering.

People started settling in the town after an extended railroad reached the area.

At its peak, Capa had 300 residents, which made it a relatively thriving town, albeit a small one.

The 70-acre town had two churches, a bank, and several smaller and large businesses.

However, that didn’t last for long.

After The Great Depression, Capa’s residents moved away to find other opportunities.

Only a few remained and – before long – O’Connor was the only one left there.

His grandparents bought a hotel and a house in the town back in 1916.

After that, O’Connor’s parents inherited the properties, and he now lives in their house in complete peace and solitude.

But Capa isn’t alone – there are actually quite a few ghost towns dotted around the world.

Some have a seriously sad story.

For instance, the city of Varosha is probably the world’s most luxurious city that turned into a ghost town.

Nowadays, if you visit Capa, you will be greeted with abandoned buildings and houses.

Most of them still have the old furniture and belongings left there, rotting away.

The ghost town’s post office shut down in 1976.

It was almost like an official farewell.

Today, Capa lives on through O’Connor’s stories of what it used to be.

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