Inside a Mad Max-style retro-futuristic oasis in the desert

From domes with a 360-degree view of the night sky to cave-style villas, OutpostX will make you feel like you're living in a movie set in a 'retro' future.

by | Published on 7th Jun 2023

OutpostX has just built a bunch of retro-futuristic structures in the middle of the Utah desert and they’re like nothing else.

Architecturally unique and far away from the chaos of the cities, these structures look like they were transported from a different era.

Three types of concepts are available: Fantasy, Zen and Sky.

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Fantasy huts (pictured above) are basically cave-style houses emerging from the landscape.

They look like they’re made of rock and in fact stone was used for the walls and the floor, while wood was used for the doors and most of the furniture.

Zen homes (above) are transparent domes designed to give you a 24/7, 360-degree view of the landscape around you and the sky above you.

Sky lodges (below) are treehouse-style abodes perched over the desert, accessible via a bridge.

Located on a seasonally dry lake bed, these OutpostX designs look like they came straight out of a Mad Max movie.

Speaking of Mad Max, OutpostX has also built five sand cruisers designed to transport you from one side of the compound to the other.

These sand cruisers are a sight to behold as they honestly look like a movie prop, partly due to the shape and partly because they’re deliberately painted to give off a rusty, vintage vibe.

The location is a living thing, and that’s part of the experience.

In the summer, the lake bed looks like a barren desert out of a sci-fi movie.

When the temperature drops and the rain comes, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a one-inch deep reflective lake you feel like you’re levitating over.

And then finally, when the temperature drops even more in the winter, the lake will freeze over and it’ll look like a crystalized sea of granite.

To minimize environmental impact, the area is equipped with a 100,000-gallon water reservoir that’ll be used to create irrigation canals to fertilize the soil.

The compound spans 240 acres and units are located at least 100 feet from one another, giving you plenty of privacy as well.

The project was designed with a theme that OutpostX calls ‘Ancient Future’.

The idea is to imagine a future world where modern technology blends with nature.

The IndieGoGo campaign is live, and OutpostX has already raised over $830,000 from 1,190+ backers, on track to become the most funded hotel campaign on the platform.



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