F1: Sergio Pérez wins Singapore Grand Prix despite 5-second post-race penalty

Everyone else was having a bad day but Pérez and Leclerc had a brilliant race.

by | Published on 3rd Oct 2022

Red Bull Racing driver Sergio Pérez wins Singapore Grand Prix despite being handed a 5-second penalty after the race.

Pérez F1 win in Singapore helped Red Bull increase their lead in the Constructors’ standings.

More to the point, it’s further proof the Mexican driver can step up and win whenever his teammate Verstappen is having a bad day.

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Pérez had the perfect start as he managed to overtake Leclerc – who was starting from Pole Position – just moments after the race began.

This meant that for the seventh time this season, Leclerc couldn’t convert his Pole into a win.


The pair edged away from the rest of the group, and kept fighting for the win until the last moment of the race.

In the end, Pérez managed to win with a 7.595-second lead on Leclerc.

That was enough to hold on to the win even after FIA handed Pérez a post-race 5-second penalty for Safety Car infringement.

This was Pérez first F1 win in Singapore, and the fourth win overall.

Elsewhere, title holder and current leader of the Drivers’ standings Max Verstappen can still celebrate despite finishing seventh.

Provided everything goes his way, the Dutchman can win his second F1 title next week at Suzuka.

Obviously, this will depend on Leclerc’s result but the Ferrari man is now trailing over 100 points behind Verstappen with just five GPs to go, so it’s only a matter of time.

To be fair, Verstappen wasn’t the only driver who was having a bad day at the Singapore GP.

Hamilton’s race was equally frustrating as the Englishman – still winless this season – was once again outpaced by his teammate George Russell.

Russell is now in fourth place in the standings with 203 points, while 7-time F1 winner Hamilton ‘only’ has 170.

What’s going on in the standings?

Red Bull and Verstappen look poised to bring home a double win this year.

Verstappen is leading the Championship standings with 341 points while Leclerc only has 237 points.

Meanwhile, Red Bull Racing lead the Constructors’ standings with 576, with Ferrari trailing behind with a whopping 137-point gap.

Check out the standings here.



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