Haven’t you always wanted an $890 pigeon bag?

Published on Jul 20, 2022 at 11:32 AM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Haven’t you always wanted an $890 pigeon bag?

British fashion brand JW Anderson has just launched the ultimate look-at-me pigeon bag.

It’s shaped like a pigeon and it ‘only’ costs $890.

It is certainly an original idea.

Mind you, this is so weird and over the top, you could almost call it cool.

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The new pigeon bag was launched at a recent fashion show in Milan.

One of the funniest things is the description because the brand simply notes that the item is available in a ‘grey’ colorway.

The bag was actually 3D printed using state of the art industrial machines, which contributed to its hefty pricetag.

The result is an eerily faithful reproduction of the real-world animal that could probably fool even a pigeon.

The proportions are perfect and every detail is spot on, from the different shades of grey in its tail, wings, and body, to the darker shade of grey (almost black) of the beek, to the bright orange eyes.

Even the blue-ish / pink-ish hues of the bird’s neck are accurate.

The clutch bag is designed to be carried in your hand and when you open it up by lifting the bird’s wing, you’ll find a decent-sized cavity where you can put your things.

It’s big enough to fit your purse, smartphone and car keys.

As crazy as it may seem, the pigeon-shaped clutch bag is not a one-off because it seems that companies in the fashion world have been pushing the envelope in recent years

From Balenciaga’s face helmet designed with Mercedes AMG to the jeans that Nordstrom designed specifically to look like they’re covered in dirt.

The crazier, the better, according to 2022 fashion.

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