Polestar has built a futuristic treehouse that belongs in a sci-fi movie

Published on Jul 07, 2022 at 1:21 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Polestar has built a futuristic treehouse that belongs in a sci-fi movie

Swedish luxury automaker Polestar has decided to branch out and start making design-focused things that aren’t necessarily cars.

This, for example, is a super stylish and futuristic micro treehouse built by Kristian Talvitie as part of a Polestar design concest that the company held last year.

They call it ‘Koja’.

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Polestar started out as Volvo’s performance division but is now a standalone brand with its own identity, even though it’s part of Geely Group, a Chinese corporation, along with Volvo and Lotus Cars.

The manufacturer has launched two vehicles so far, aptly called the ‘1’ and the ‘2’ – a 600-hp hybrid and a 408-hp electric car respectively.

They both look good (see below), especially when you compare them to some other electrified sedans.

Design is a crucial part of Polestar’s modus operandi and that’s why about a year ago, it launched a design contest that wasn’t limited to automotive products.

The idea was simple: anybody could come up with any idea, any product they wanted, as long as they followed the theme of the contest, which last year was ‘progress’.

The house you see here didn’t actually win the contest but it received an honorable mention and has become somewhat famous.

Named after the Swedish word for ‘den’, the 9.5 m2 (102.257 sq ft) house is made from a combination of laminated timber and wool, designed to integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment.

In fact, right at the centre of the oval-shaped living space inside the house you’ll find a tree that the house is basically built around.

The idea is you can be inside but still remain in touch, in this case literally, with nature.

It looks quite cosy, actually.

It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Like a space-age pod that’s floating in the air.

Unfortunately, it is not for sale.


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