Porsche Macan EV spotted charging in Norway

Based on exclusive footage just taken in Norway, we can see the electric car's styling for the very first time.

by | Published on 16th Feb 2023

The upcoming Porsche Macan EV has been spotted at a charging point in Norway.

Based on exclusive footage taken by photographer Vegar Henriksen, we can see the electric car’s styling for the very first time.

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The pictures reveal a slightly bulkier front section and new Taycan-inspired headlights.

Other than that, it looks like the gas-powered Macan but then again “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” as they say.

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After all, the Macan is by far Porsche’s best-selling vehicle, with more than 80,000 units delivered each year.

And the German automaker is definitely looking to pump those numbers up with the long-awaited EV version.

Powertrain and performance

The Porsche Taycan uses a Rimac-sourced powertrain and battery pack.

We don’t know for sure yet but it’s safe to expect a similar arrangement for the Macan EV.

Mind you, there are a couple of things we can deduce from the pictures.

First of all, battery capacity should be around 100 kWh.

Also, the car you see here is currently at 52 percent after 15 minutes of charging.

This would imply a 30-minute wait to get to 100 percent in cold weather.

And that is not bad at all.

In terms of power, the range-topping Taycan delivers 761 hp, the Macan will put out at least 600 hp.

Porsche Macan EV pricing and availability

The fact that the Porsche Macan EV was spotted ‘in the wild’ with no camouflage means the unveil is probably just around the corner.

Testing mules with no camouflage wrap on the open road is usually the last phase before production.

A public reveal is tentatively scheduled for 2024, with deliveries expected by the end of the same year.

Price-wise, the 2024 Porsche Macan starts at around $58,000.

With that in mind, the electric version will likely be marketed with an MSRP of at least $65,000 – $75,000.



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