This is why fans are loving Porsche’s spectacular first all-electric supercar concept 

Published on Jun 09, 2023 at 1:35 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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This is why fans are loving Porsche’s spectacular first all-electric supercar concept 

This is the new Porsche Mission X, the fastest electric prototype ever built.

The German automaker is turning 75 this year and they’re celebrating it with something big.

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The first thing we need to point out is this isn’t vaporware, the Mission X will go into production soon (with a different name) and Porsche says it’ll be the fastest road-legal vehicle around the Nürburgring.

A bold claim, but it goes to show Porsche engineers are extremely confident when it comes to the car’s performance abilities.

The automaker is keeping details under wraps but they did say it’ll have a 2.2:1 pounds-to-horsepower ratio.

That’s an elaborate way of saying it’ll have one horsepower for every kilogram of weight, which means we’re looking at least 1,500 hp.

There’s more good news because owners will be able to charge the car from zero to 80 percent in around 10 minutes, which is twice as fast the Taycan.

It’s still not as fast as filling up the tank of your car with gas, but we’re getting closer.

Visually, it looks like an upgraded Porsche 918 with laser-thin LED lights, dihedral doors and an outstanding interior.

From the caramel-colored upholstery to the futuristic, race-style steering wheel, it looks like a tremendous place to be.

Fans are absolutely ectsatic.

“Take my money!” SEA Wheels tweeted.

Another Twitter user, Kris Mok, said the Mission X looked like it was loosely inspired by the long-forgotten 919 concept.

“What a looker! I know they’re different but the nose reminds me of the 919 Street Concept [from the Porsche Unseen collection, ed.],” he said.

Stig Spielberg is confident the Mission X will follow in the footsteps of the Mission E concept, which anticipated the arrival of the Taycan.

“When Porsche showed an early EV concept years ago, it eventually led to the very similar Taycan. I hope they apply the same strategy in this case,” StigSpielberg tweeted.

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