This Porsche ad is still the greatest car advert ever

While TV adverts might just be the bane of your life, there are some real gems out there, like this Porsche ad from Super Bowl 2020.

by | Published on 12th May 2023

Car companies spend big bucks on advertising, so it makes sense that certain adverts stick in our minds.

There have been some fantastic and strange adverts throughout the years.

This Porsche ad is still the greatest car advert ever, though.

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Porsche is an iconic brand known for its design, speed and uncompromising performance.

With an announcement as important as the brand’s first fully-electric car, the Taycan, the German automaker wanted to go big to ensure it would get its message in front of as many people as possible.

What better way to make a big splash than with a Super Bowl commercial.

The 2020 ad, called “The Heist” by Cramer-Krasselt, features a racing scene in which nearly a dozen Porsche models zip through Germany beginning at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

That is where a masked man is shown stealing the brand’s new electric taycan from an exhibit floor.

Museum workers hop in various Porsche models from the museum’s collection – including a tractor – and chase after the Taycan.

It turns out they are all just having fun, with a woman shown taking her turn as the “bad guy” in the final scene.

The ad was filmed in the river town of Heidelberg, Blac Forst and the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart where Porsche is headquartered.

There are several reasons why this Porsche ad is the greatest of all time.

For starters, the video is distinctive in the sense that Porsche shows off characteristics of the Taycan indirectly.

From its silent powertrain when it is first stolen from the museum without anyone noticing, to its performance when it is always ahead of the others and is actually being the car chased.

The brand also successfully establishes an emotional connection when in the end characters almost compete to be the next to drive the Taycan.

Most of all, though, everything is tied together by engaging storytelling.

Even in such a short video (2:31), there are unexpected elements and appealing visuals that make the viewer want to watch until the end.

At the same time also, Porsche makes sure to remind us about its status in the automotive world.

At the beginning, we are shown its beautiful museum, then comes a consistent chunk of its history with the cars selected for the chase.



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