These are the 3 funniest Super Bowl car ads ever made

From Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Zeus to Will Ferrell's bizarre feud with Norway, these are some of the funniest Super Bowl car ads ever.

by | Published on 9th Feb 2023

Every year, car brands compete to secure a 30-second ad slot for the Super Bowl half time show.

Competition is fierce and automakers are ready to splash out millions to get ahead.

From Kevin Hart’s hilarious Hyundai ad to Will Ferrell’s unhealthy obsession with Norway, let’s have a look at the top 3 funniest Super Bowl car ads ever.

3. Kevin Hart for Hyundai

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In 2016, Hyundai hired Kevin Hart to play an over-protective father in an ad for the new Genesis.

The clip begins with Kevin Hart introducing himself to his daughter’s date.


At first, Hart’s character comes across as an easy-going dad and tells his daughter they can use his car to go on the date.

As it turns out, this was just a ploy for keeping an eye on his daughter using Hyundai’s ‘carfinder’ feature.

The ad is amusing and it gets better when Hart delivers his punchline at the end.

As his daughter and her date are about to share a kiss inside the car, Hart appears, hanging from a helicopter’s ladder.

He yells: “You’re messing with the wrong daddy!”.

2. Will Ferrell’s ‘beef’ with Norway

A couple of years ago, Will Ferrell and GM released a series of funny videos taking a dig at Norway.

Why? Because, in the words of Will Ferrell, “Norway is beating the US at EVs”.

The ad was gold and Norwegians actually responded in kind.

The University of Agder shared a humorous response video trolling the US for not having things like free education, which Norway does.

Even the Prime Minister took to social media to address it.

The saga continued with Audi Norway hiring Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju – Tormund from Game of Thrones – to star in a video.


In the clip, Tormund is shown driving and Audi E-Tron as he says “let’s save the world”.

Audi of course also took the opportunity to brag about the E-Tron being the best-selling vehicle in Norway in 2020.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus

In this iconic BMW ad, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Zeus.

The Greek God plans to retire and move to Palm Springs with Hera (Salma Hayek) and their ‘Pegasus’ pet Peggie.

Things quickly go south for Zeus as everyone around him keeps taking advantage of his almighty powers for menial everyday tasks.

From his neighbor to fellow players at the golf club, everybody wants help in the form of electricity from Zeus.

And that is why Hera decides to give Zeus an all-electric BMW.

She shows up at the wheel of a BMW iX and Zeus, elated and in disbelief, asks: “[is it] all electric?”



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