These private jet bedrooms are literally better than a 5-star hotel

  • Most commercial aircraft from Airbus and Boeing are also available as customizable private jets
  • The interior can be fully customized with different configurations
  • There’s something else they have in common: bedrooms that look like they belong to 5-star hotels

Published on Dec 29, 2023 at 6:26 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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These private jet bedrooms are literally better than a 5-star hotel

If you’ve ever flown on a private jet, you’ll know they’re the epitome of luxury travel – and even the least expensive ones are considered luxurious.

But you can always up the ante.

These private jets, for example, feature bedrooms that can rival 5-star hotels.

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An aircraft that definitely falls under this category is the Boeing 737 Max.

For its BBJ 737 Max 7 Series, buyers can choose from 144 (!) different cabin configurations.

And the bedroom is amazing.

It looks like a boutique hotel with warm colors and wood.

If the BBJ 737 isn’t big enough for you, you can opt for its big brother, the BBJ 787-9.

The bedroom in this one is totally different in terms of style and vibe.

While the 737 uses warm colors, wood and suede, the 787 is all about marble finish and white palettes.

And then there’s the upcoming Boeing 777X.

It was unveiled in 2018, but deliveries are scheduled for 2025.

This is Boeing’s largest twin-engine aircraft and it’s pretty spacious.

More importantly, it delivers a totally new experience combining elements from the 737 and the 787.

In tech there’s Apple vs Samsung, in the car world there’s BMW vs Mercedes and Audi, and in the aircraft world there’s Boeing vs Airbus.

Whatever Boeing does, Airbus can match.

The twin-aisle Airbus A330neo, for example, is fully customizable.

You can have bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, office spaces, and even a lobby.

The bedroom in this one definitely feels like a 5-star hotel.

And the TV right in front of the bed will be appreciated by many.

Alternatively, uber-wealthy buyers can go for the A330’s brother, the A350.

For this aircraft, Airbus opted for a yacht-like feeling with plenty of wood and light.

And the price tag?

The least expensive private jets made by Cessna or Embraer can be had for $2 million.

Meanwhile, the most expensive ones easily cost nine figures.

And it’s not just the price tag, either.

Even the ‘cheapest’ private jet has yearly upkeep costs in the seven-figure region.

You need maintenance, ‘parking’ (unless the buyer is rich enough to have their own hangar), fees on top of fees, and then of course crew costs.

Most celebrities own private jets, and even the unsuspecting ones spend a lot of cash on them.

We sort of expect Cristiano Ronaldo, Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather to splash cash on private jets.

But then there are celebrities like Jim Carrey.

The Ace Ventura actor generally keeps a low profile when it comes to wealth, except for his private jet.

That’s not what you’d call ‘low-profile’ at all.


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