A gold-plated Nintendo Wii given to Queen Elizabeth is for sale and the owner wants $300,000

Published on May 11, 2022 at 9:32 AM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

Last updated on May 18, 2022 at 5:21 PM (UTC+4)
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A gold-plated Nintendo Wii given to Queen Elizabeth is for sale and the owner wants $300,000

This 24-karat gold Nintendo Wii was made for the Queen of England and it was on eBay with a price tag of $300,000!

Video game developer THQ gave the console to Queen Elizabeth way back in 2009.

But if you think the Queen played Wii tennis with Prince Charles with a gold controller, that’s not how it went down.

Someone inside the Royal Palace blocked the Wii from the Queen.

They thought it might be some sort of security drama.

Now, collector Donny Fillerup has it and he thinks it’s worth mega-bucks.


Fillerup told CNN an expert thought it could fetch $1 million!

It first went up on eBay with an asking price of $300,000, but did not get much interest.

“I want to be reasonable with buying a place for myself, and $300,000 is the price that I came up with. I don’t NEED more,” Fillerup said on his site Console Variations.

The golden Wii is now on the auction site Goldin (fitting name right?).

Bids are down in the $4000-$5000 range at the time of writing.

What’s the backstory of this gold-plated Nintendo Wii?

A gloved hand handles the golden Wii owned by Queen Elizabeth.
Image: don_cv/eBay

After the Queen’s henchmen rejected the golden gift, it was sent back to the THQ office.

The whole thing was a stunt to get people interested in the new release, Big Family Games.

The game was a flop.

And then in 2013 THQ folded (RIP those old WWE games it used to make).

The golden Wii was just getting dusty on a shelf at the gaming company’s office the whole time (along with that never opened copy of Big Family Games).

Until Fillerup got hold of it. Now he’s ready to sell it to the next collector.

The gold Nintendo Wii with a copy of Big Family Games sent to Queen Elizabeth II.
Image: Goldin

Does the Queen even game?

Yep, she does.

UK media went bonkers back in 2008 when they found out the Queen played Wii bowling with Prince William.

No, it wasn’t with a golden Wii. It was a Nintendo that Catherine (the Duchess of Cambridge) bought Will for Christmas.

They were still just boyfriend and girlfriend at the time.

And while we bet the Queen got a kick out of bowling, we like to think her favorite game is Mario Kart.

After all, Her Highness loves driving cars – and fast.

Just check out this story from the Saudi Arabian ambassador, about the time Liz took the Saudi Crown Prince for a spin in her Land Rover:

“His nervousness only increased as the Queen, an Army driver in wartime, accelerated the Land Rover along the narrow Scottish estate roads, talking all the time.

“Through his interpreter, the Crown Prince implored the Queen to slow down and concentrate on the road ahead.”



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