R36 Nissan GT-R reimaged as a jet-fighter convertible

Gearheads worldwide are waiting with bated breath for the R36-generation Nissan GT-R.

by | Published on 4th Apr 2023

Gearheads worldwide are waiting with bated breath for the R36-generation Nissan GT-R.

It seems like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for the new model to be unveiled.

That hasn’t stopped one talented designer from envisioning what it might look like.

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This isn’t the first time Ulises Morales has mocked-up an eye-catching design.

A quick look at the automotive designer’s Instagram page reveals multiple renderings of seriously futuristic-looking cars.

The Nissan GT-R stands out, though, with its jet fighter-inspired design. 

That being said, he’s still managed to incorporate elements that make the car recognizable as a Nissan.

What really catches the eye is the front end, which features a LED light bar curving the entire width of the car like a big smile.

Your eyes are also drawn to the air intakes which have coloured accents around them, the large front splitter, and aggressive air curtains.

The turn signals that incorporate a reverse camera jutting out of the front quarter panels are a particularly cool design feature, too.

From the side, Morales’ futuristic Nissan GT-R has a low sloping roofline and small side windows.

These elements, as well as the aggressive shape of the doors, are very different from the R35.

As is the carbon fiber roof that can be removed, turning the car into a convertible, just like a Chevy Corvette.

The eye-catching details continue at the rear where the Nissan GT-R gets a split wing with four round taillights sitting beneath.

It’s even got a Formula 1-inspired rain light, as well as a diffuser that’s split into two sections, which flow aggressively into the car’s rear quarter panels.

If the real thing turns out to be anything like Morales’ renderings, we’ll be very happy indeed.



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