This Rolls-Royce Camper Concept is the future of luxury motoring

These two concepts envision a potential Rolls-Royce Cullinan-based luxury camper van with living space for guests: so where do we sign?

by | Published on 3rd Apr 2023

This Rolls-Royce Camper concept looks absolutely fantastic.

Yeah, we know the idea sounds crazy but so did an electric Rolls-Royce, or a Rolls-Royce SUV.

And both those things are here now, so why not a camper van?

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Two slightly different concepts were created.

Both are based on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the brand’s first – and so far only – SUV.

At the front, they both look more or less like a normal Cullinan with its tall front fascia and the large grille.

Things are different at the back, where you’ve got an extension that can be used for the living quarters.

One of these two concepts has windows, while the other one doesn’t.

In both cases, the extension is integrated into the rear section and does not cover the rear doors.

This means passengers and / or guests can access to living quarters by simply using the rear (suicide) doors of the Cullinan.

Both are also taller because they’ve got extra room on the roof, albeit for different purposes.

The black concept has roof racks that can be used for storage, meanwhile the roof extension in the blue one is big enough to accommodate an extra bed.

Bear in mind, these are just concepts but a German tuning company called Delta 4×4 already built a similar vehicle.

A couple of years ago, they modified a custom camper van-style Cullinan (pictured below) for an anonymous collector in the Arabian peninsula.

In Europe, which of course is where Rolls-Royce is based, camper vans are sometimes looked down on for some reason.

However in the US, which is the brand’s largest market, people love them, and they especially love luxury RVs.

To be fair, manufacturers seem to be quite happy perpetuating this stereotype because look at the difference between an American RV (left) and a European camper van (right).

A Rolls-Royce camper sounds a bit far-fetched at the moment but as luxury manufacturers branch out in an effort to widen their customer base, we can totally envision a recreational vehicle similar to this one.

At the very least, Rolls-Royce could do what Lamborghini and Porsche did and create a hardcore version of the Cullinan.



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