Dad changes the parenting game with RC baby transport

This dad's ditched the stroller and built awesome RC baby transport for his little girl, making them the coolest dad and kid on the playground for sure.

by | Published on 6th Jun 2023

If you’re a parent, you’re sure to appreciate this incredible creation.

A father has built an awesome RC baby transport to ferry his baby girl around.

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There’s no other way of putting it – he’s changed the dad game forever.

Essentially, he’s made the stroller obsolete by sticking a car seat on an RC monster truck.

At first glance, Martin Högqvist’s design of the RC baby transport might appear a bit crude.

He effectively removed the shell of the Traxxas X-Maxx radio controlled monster truck and mounted the baby’s car seat in its place.

For safety, he uses a ratched strap to secure the baby seat to the chassis of the RC monster truck.

He’s put a bit more thought into it than that, though, as he’s also carried out several modifications.

For starters, he’s installed LED lights so that the RC baby transport is highly visible when taken out at night.

It has a rear light, including brake lights, as well as lights at the front with low- and high-beam.

Martin has also added 1.9-inch Proline tyres on bead lock wheels.

This means, despite its weight, the RC baby transport can tackle tough terrain.

Speaking of which, the RC monster truck’s shocks have a harder spring rate, which is just about enough for the weight of the baby seat. 

The Traxxas X-Maxx radio controlled monster truck has the option to choose to drive it on one or two LiPo batteries – 3S and 8S.

Martin tells us that 8S is not recommended when using out with the kids, so he opts for 3S.

But, when he is out playing with the RC monster truck on his own, he always uses 8S which he says is how it should be used.

We’re sure you’ll agree, the RC baby transport looks like fun for the baby… and fun for dad, too.



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