This Renault R5 has a marble steering wheel that looks like a pretzel and gemstones for headlights

Published on Jul 07, 2022 at 1:03 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

Last updated on Jul 07, 2022 at 1:03 PM (UTC+4)
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This Renault R5 has a marble steering wheel that looks like a pretzel and gemstones for headlights

This Renault R5 has a marble steering wheel that looks like a curly pretzel. 

The crazy design elements don’t stop there either, the pink and gold car also has gemstone headlights, fingerprint scanners, and a horsehair fabric interior. 

The Renault R5 turns 50 this year and to celebrate, the brand has teamed up with fashion designer Pierre Gonalons to create this one-off electric R5 called the Diamant. 

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The design team also gave the Diamant a bold brass grille to match the pink and gold paint job. 

It also has a soft sliding sunroof and gemstone headlights that jut out of the car, serving as feature design elements. 

With the R5, Pierre Gonalons said he wanted to “twist the classic codes of automobile and draw inspiration from fine jewelry to enhance the precious finishes”. 

“It has a truly contemporary vibe inspired by art deco combined with Parisian elegance,” he said. 

Speaking of elegance, there is 24-carat gold plating everywhere including on all the badges and even the wheels. 

The door handles are also fitted with a fingerprint scanner to unlock the doors. 

The Renault R5 is also now electric. 


Inside, the interior is kept drastically minimalistic. 

There are three digital dials showing speed, time, and battery charge. 

Speaking of drastic minimalism, the infotainment area is now just an opening in the middle of the dashboard. 

This was designed to house the driver’s mobile phone which serves as the car’s infotainment system. 

Renault 5 Diamant concept car with 24 carat gold badging

And as for the steering wheel, the marble is looped around twice, surrounding a gold-capped logo. 

But the designers may not have totally lost their marbles, as they made the rest of the wheel out of carbon fiber to account for the heavy marble. 

Renault won’t be selling this vehicle, but it will be minting NFTs of the car. 

So while you won’t be able to test the functionality of the pretzel steering wheel yourself, you will be able to own a little picture of it forever and ever. 

But if that doesn’t tide you over, Renault is expected to start production on an electric R5 in 2024.



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