Rezvani is unleashing a 690-hp bulletproof beast that fires pepper spray

It also has electrified door handles and thermal night vision.

by | Published on 12th Oct 2022

Rezvani has just unveiled its latest creation and it’s a 690-hp bulletproof beast. 

Called Vengeance, the car has a ‘military package’ that includes body armor, underside explosive protection, and a smoke screen that fires smoke out the back. 

Just one look at the Rezvani Vengeance, and you know it’s no normal SUV.

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Believe it or not, underneath all the body armor lies a standard Cadillac Escalade. 

It is almost unrecognizable because Rezvani has taken the Escalade and given it a total makeover from the inside out. 

The Californian tuning company wanted to “address the mundane market” and flip it on its head with “some of the most aggressive SUV designs”. 

And that’s exactly what it’s done. 


CEO Ferris Rezvani said the idea was to “put a science fiction video game concept car in people’s driveways”. 

To do this, he actually got video game vehicle developer Milen Ivanov on board. 

To start, Rezvani gave Vengeance an aggressive military appearance with angular lines and steel ram bumpers. 

Up front, Vengeance wears a ventilated hood with auxiliary lights and a roof-mounted LED light bar. 

It’s also been fitted with 22-inch wheels wrapped in massive 35-inch off-road tires, so it’s more than prepared for any off-road adventures. 

Rezvani’s also given the former Escalade a military package that comes with some truly bonkers features. 

Aside from the bulletproof glass and body armor, the tuner has fitted it with underside explosive protection and electro-magnetic pulse protection which can actually disable electrical systems. 

Vengeance also comes with military run-flat tires, thermal night vision, explosive device detection, and bulletproof vests and helmets. 

But wait, there’s more. 

The full military package also comes with electrified door handles, a siren and horn, strobe lights, blinding lights, magnetic deadbolts, gas masks, a first aid kit, and a pepper spray dispenser. 

Not only is this vehicle built for the zombie apocalypse, it’s also built for ultimate passenger comfort. 

Vengeance is packed with all the luxury features you get in the Escalade plus super modern technology like augmented reality navigation. 

Rezvani is now taking orders, with prices starting at $249,000. 



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