This $700k monster is a video game vehicle built for the real world

Wildly expensive, extremely powerful and full of tech gizmos - The Rezvani Vengeance is a supercar, a luxury SUV and a tank at the same time.

by | Published on 11th Jul 2023

This is the Rezvani Vengeance, a zombie apocalypse-proof tank for the super rich.

Supercar Blondie’s Tuesday Le Roux flew to Los Angeles to get behind the wheel of this beast, and for reasons that will become clear, she loved it.

Check out the video here.

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The first thing to bear in mind is this Resident Evil-style vehicle costs more than most supercars, setting you back a whopping $700,000.

But you do get a lot for your money.

At the front, you’ve got four separate sets of LED lights, strobe lights on the grille, a massive hood vent and a winch on the steel-reinforced front bumper.

The wheels are housed in 55-inch military grade run-flat tires.

Should your fellow Umbrella agent accidentally fire at your tires, you’d just keep on driving.

And by the way, we are unapologetically carrying on with Resident Evil references because the Rezvani was actually penned by a video game designer.

At the back, you’ve got a massive tail gate with a horizontal LED light, and there’s a smoke screen device.

You push the button and the car releases smoke so you can get away from impeding danger and flash-eating monsters.

You also get a sat nav with thermal imaging, augmented reality and night vision, and 360-degree cameras to cover every angle around the car.

It even has electro-magnetic pulse protection.

The interior is based on the Cadillac Escalade.

You’ve got Escalade seats and an Escalade infotainment system.

And of course you’ve got bulletproof windows and a bulletproof windshield.

Inside, among other things, you also have a safe hidden in the center console.

On the wing mirror, you’ll find cameras and pepper spray dispenser.

You can use if the zombie gets too close to the window.

This is one of many gizmos available, along with the aforementioned smoke screen system, magnetic dead bolts and plenty more.

Engine-wise, it has a superchargerd V8 delivering 810 horsepower.

And it needs all that power because it’s quite heavy, tipping the scales at 2,800 kg (6,200 lbs).

Just like other Rezvani vehicles, the whole idea is to combine luxury with safety and protection.

It’s a tall order, but Rezvani made it happen.



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