Inside Rick Ross’ collection of more than 100 cars

Published on Sep 28, 2022 at 1:25 PM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

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Inside Rick Ross’ collection of more than 100 cars

Most rappers love their cars, but Rick Ross might just have the craziest car collection of any rapper out there.

That’s because the “Hustlin'” rapper owns more than 100 cars, with just about everything you could imagine in his collection.

What makes it even more amazing is that he reportedly only got his driver’s license last year at the age of 45.

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“My mom and my sister pressured me, finally, so I went, took the test…” the rapper told Today.

“It took me an hour [and] I missed a few answers, but I got it, I got it,” he declared.

What’s clear in Rick Ross’ car collection is just how wide a variety of cars ‘The Boss’ appreciates.

Everything from supercars to American classics and, of course, a Maybach (given his label is called Maybach Music Group).

Rick Ross car collection

Fortunately for us, Rick Ross loves to show his cars off on Instagram, so it makes figuring out what he’s got pretty easy.

He also hosts an annual car show at his 235-acre Atlanta property.


Starting with the supercars – where else would we start? – he has both a Ferrari 458 Italia and a 488 Spider.

He also has a Lamborghini Murciélago and the Urus SUV.

He’s also clearly a fan of top-end British marques as well, with two Bentleys (a Brooklands and a Continental SuperSports) and two Rolls Royces (a Wraith and a Phantom).

German luxury cars also feature, such as his must-have Maybach 57S.

He also has other Mercs including an CLS, S650 Cabriolet, and G63 AMG.

There’s a BMW 760Li sitting alongside them as well; notably, he drove an older 745Li in the video for “Hustlin'”.

But American cars are clearly what Rick Ross has the most time for.

His array of Chevrolets is extraordinary, with multiple 1950s Bel-Airs, 1970s Impalas, and pickup trucks including a 6×6 Silverado.

He’s also got a Pontiac Trans Am and Hummer H2, along with newer electric American cars including a Fisker Karma and Tesla Model 3.

Surprisingly, the only car he isn’t pictured with that often is an Aston Martin; after all, he did in 2010 release “Aston Martin Music” with Drake.

In total, Rick Ross’ car collection is estimated to be worth over $3.5 million.

Rick Ross’ Louis Vuitton ‘tank’

It’s clear when you look at Rick Ross’ cars that the rapper doesn’t like to keep them stock.

Outlandish paint jobs and unmissable wheels are common upgrades to all of his whips.

That personalization even stretches to the most unusual vehicles he owns.

At the top of the list has to be a military personnel carrier van which wears a camo paint job and inside, seats upholstered in Louis Vuitton leather.

He also recently got a monster truck, so that should tell you everything about how broad a range of vehicles he’s into.

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