Rihanna turns $670,000 Flying Tourbillon watch into a choker

Rihanna and Jacob & Co. created a new trend overnight - a diamond-crusted timepiece to wear around your neck.

by | Published on 22nd Jun 2023

Rihanna has been spotted wearing a watch around her neck at Pharrell William’s first Louis Vuitton show.

And yes, she was wearing the watch on her neck, but there’s a very good reason for that.

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First of all, let’s give you some context.

Pharrell Williams, record producer and R&B singer, was hired by Louis Vuitton to replace the late designer Virgil Abloh as the brand’s Men’s Creative Director.

It was a big occasion for Louis Vuitton and a big deal for Pharrell Williams.

The multi-platinum artist has already worked with fashion brands in the past, but this is different.

This isn’t a glorified co-branding marketing operation, this means he’ll be running the show, literally, at Louis Vuitton.

As Pharrell and his models walked the catwalk at the Paris Fashion Show, fans and attendees spotted Rihanna and a swathe of other celebrities including NBA star LeBron James, and Rihanna’s partner A$ap Rocky.

Fans couldn’t help but notice Rihanna’s necklace because it was big and flashy, and also because it was a bit weird and unusual.

This is because her ‘necklace’ is actually a Jacob & Co. Brilliant Tourbillon timepiece.

It’s adorned with 338 baguette-cut white diamonds, and it’s worth almost $700,000.

You’d be tempted to think this was just a publicity stunt on the part of watchmaker Jacob & Co… and you’d be right.

But only partly.

While it is true that Jacob and Rihanna came up with this idea for marketing purposes, the watch is actually available.

You can buy it and wear it around your neck.

Provided you’ve got three quarters of a million dollars to spend on a watch, that is.



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