There’s a new Ritz-Carlton hotel, and it’s a $320 million superyacht

Rooms start at $4k a night!

by | Published on 28th Apr 2022

Ritz-Carlton’s newest hotel is… a superyacht.

Yup. One of the world’s most popular luxury brands has decided to branch out, and guests can now book a night on a 623-foot yacht called Evrima.

Technically this is a cruise ship, not a yacht, but this won’t matter much once you check-in and enjoy the luxury Ritz-Carlton will provide.

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Each bedroom comes with its own concierge service and a private terrace, and the yacht includes a gym, a spa and a cocktail bar.

You can even book something called the ‘owner’s suite’, which also includes a private pool and an amazing patio/dining area.

How much? Well, the yacht cost $320 million to build and you can book a room starting from about $4,000.

The Ritz-Carlton yacht collection has destinations listed as; Canada and New England, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Baltic and ‘crossing voyages’.

The Evrima is not yet finished but it’s due to be launched later this year.

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  1. Wonder of the Seas – 1187ft and 236,857 gross tonnage
  2. Symphony of the Seas 1,184ft and 228,081 gross tonnage
  3. Harmony of the Seas – 1188ft and 226,963 gross tonnage
  4. Oasis of the Seas – 1180ft and 226,838 gross tonnage
  5. Allure of the Seas 1180ft and 225282 gross tonnage




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