Millionaire gives essential advice on how to make money for people in their 20s starting out with $0

Multi-millionaire Robert Croak is revealing how to make serious money when starting from zero. 

by | Published on 22nd Aug 2023

Serial entrepreneur and multi-millionaire Robert Croak is revealing how to make serious money when starting from zero. 

Croak has made millions through a number of businesses and investments, the latest being sanitizer bracelets at the peak of the pandemic. 

But he says you don’t need to invent anything to make real money, you just need to start investing.

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“If I were starting over in my 20s with no money or assets, here are the top three things I would do to get investing,” he said. 

Number 1 – Index funds 

“I would open an E Trade account and Immediately start putting in $25 to $100 a month and invest in index funds,” he said. 

Number 2 – Real estate 

“I would open a Fundrise account so I could start investing in real estate immediately,” he said. 

“You can start with as little as $10. 

“This is a great place to get into real estate with very little money.”

Number 3 – Round up and invest 

“Open an Acorns account. I love this app because you can set it to round up all of your little purchases then it invests that money immediately,” he said. 

The millionaire businessman said it was important to start thinking like an investor rather than a consumer. 

And he has a few words of wisdom for that too.

Number 1 – Companies you enjoy 

“Start buying stocks in companies you love, like Nike, Starbucks and Apple, instead of just buying their products,” he said. 

Number 2 – Buy and invest 

“Here’s a fun challenge, every time you want to buy something, you also have to invest the same amount in that company,” he said. 

“So if you want to go buy the new $150 Air Max, you also have to invest $150 in Nike stock.”

Number 3 – Trends 

“Don’t just research the stocks you love, watch for trends and what other people are buying and consider buying those stocks,” he said. 

“The lesson here is to train yourself to think investing first, not spending first.” 



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